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A local customer


We had a local customer come by earlier this week who needed some RAM for his PowerEdge 2950. He hadn't seen the shop before, so while a salesman wrote up invoice I gave him a tour of the shop, showing him the stuff we have available. He had some questions for us about the best storage set up for rending video files, and so we showed him a PowerVault MD1000 and how its space shows up in Windows, and also showed him a PowerEdge 2900 and all the hard drives that can go in there. We also got into different RAID levels, helping him figure out what will give him the space he needs and the speed he wants. Hopefully we'll se ehim again, but even if not, it's always nice to have a customer come to the shop to talk with....

PowerEdge 2900


We just received an interesting Dell PowerEdge 2900 server. A 2900 is hardly a unique server for us, being one of our mainstays, but I've never seen one come in with more than one Windows COA on it. This one has one server OS COA and on it and two desktop OS COAs on it. Looks to me like it had been configured to run multiple virtual machines. I enjoy seeing how people configure their equipment like this. It's a good opportunity to see ways of doing things and to ponder what they replaced it with....

Sony Hack Attack


So the big tech news that's being talked about in non-tech circles right now is the hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment's computers. If you're reading this blog, I'm 99.44% certain that you've heard about this event, but for the sake of that .56% chance you haven't, let me quickly recap....

Je suis Charlie


The attack on the French satire newspaper Charlie Hebdo has rightly outraged and dismayed many around the world. I've never read the newspaper, and reading about it, I suspect that there is very little content therein that I would personally agree with. Having said that, I absolutely endorse their right to publish those opinions and content....

Dell PowerEdge T20


We got in a neat entry level server recently, the Dell PowerEdge T20. It's a good server for what's called the SOHO environment, or Small Office/Home Office. That is to say, a small office or something run out of the house. My first thought after messing around with it was that it might make a good home media server.....

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