Free stuff! Ahhh, thought that'd get your attention. I spent this weekend catching up on a couple of websites that feature remixes of video game music, and it's all free!

By remix, really what I mean is covers or rearrangements of video game music. For example, Legend of Zelda's theme song performed on classical guitar. Or Pac-Man done in the style of a hair metal band. There's several websites out there that offer this sort of thing, but the ones I go to most frequently are and OC Remix, or Overclocked Remix, includes all sorts of video games, be they arcade systems, Nintendo, PC, or whatever. RKO, my other link there, focuses on remakes of music from Commodore 64 games. And yes, that means I'm old enough to remember the C64.

They're both great sites, and the music is all free. It's done purely for the joy of the art form, and to spread the enjoyment around to others. Lots of different music genres are covered, from techno to rock to classic to jazz. I don't think I've encountered bagpipe covers of anything. Yet. So unless you're itching for bagpipes, take a  look at those sites. Might find some good tunes.