So end of the day yesterday, I'm on the highway heading towards the entrance to the Interstate. Coming towards us, I see a police car, lights going, so I start looking to see if I need to clear the road. Look back up, and he's gone. I figure he got on the Interstate, maybe after a speeder or something. And then I see another one, and this time I watch him enter the Interstate. This is not a good sign, I think to myself. I continue on my way, turn onto the entrance ramp, and promptly have to get clear as now three police cars come screaming past.

Now, I typically turn on the radio in evening at the top of the hour, to get traffic reports from a local station here, but it wasn't quite that time yet and I don't like the particular talk show host who's on during that time. This time, though, as soon as I saw that latest set of police cars, I turned on the radio.

Fortunately a traffic report came up very quickly. Unfortunately, my suspicions were correct, and there was a wreck ahead of me. Four lanes blocked, overturned vehicle. No surprise, I got home late, but at least I got home.