I just wanted to take today's post to say that the future is a neat place. What got me on that was looking over our website and seeing the tablets section. We have some servers located off site, and when the senior tech and I go down there, he usually brings his tablet to access his configuration information and such. Myself, I have a smart phone with Bluetooth, and my car radio will connect to it, letting me take calls mostly hands free. I was listening to a Western theme song medley on my iPod on the drive home a few months ago, and while stopped at a red light, I was able to use my smart phone to go to Youtube to look up the opening theme of Have Gun, Will Travel, to see if that was what I heard in a particular section of the song. That really struck me at the time, that I was listening to a digital recording of a song and able to look up a digital recording over a network of the opening of a TV show, and all this while I was sitting in my car at a red light. Eat your heart out, Captain Kirk!