Thought I would share a unique challenge I faced recently in working with a troubled machine, and the way I dealt with it. The problem was in a desktop that had partially frozen. The cursor responded to mouse commands, but no input was accepted, not even the three fingered salute. It turned out that the fan in the power supply had failed, causing problems with heat. Replacing the power supply seems to have fixed it.


What's that? Boring, you say? Not challenging? Well try this on, then. This was a Windows XP machine, and the OS was in Japanese, and as far as I can tell, that can't be changed. Sure, I could install other languages for it to display text properly, but all the menus and such were still in Japanese. So to overcome this, I brought in an old laptop of mine that still ran XP. I used it to see what menus looked like so I could figure out what options to select, and using that was able to diagnose the system. Never know what you're gonna get here!