As more homes get networked and more people are tech savvy, it's becoming popular to have what's called a “home server” in the, well, home. These tend to be more affordable systems meant for people with leaner IT budgets. The T110 from Dell is one that we carry that's a good choice for a home server.

The T110 is slimmed down for its role, with some things removed that you might find in a traditional desktop. For example, it doesn't have an x16 PCI-E slot which is used for high end graphics cards. There's no need to pay for one on a server, because you're not going going to be playing games on it. It does have four PCI-E slots for expansion cards, though, so you can customize it for your intended role.

You can use a quad core CPU in it and depending on which generation, a maximum of either 16 or 32 gigabytes of RAM. There's bays for up to four hard drives and there are different RAID options available.

It's a nice server for home use or for a small business that's just getting into the practice of having a central server.