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Wow! Computers, huh? They're pretty neat aren't they? All those blinking lights and whirring noises and everything. That's how you know they're working, you know? If the lights are going, and things are whirring like they're supposed to, then everything's just fine.

When things don't blink right, or aren't whirring enough, that's when you know you have a problem and you need to do that troubleshooting thing. I find the first thing to do is jiggle the handle. That solves a lot of problems. If that doesn't work, try giving it a good, hard whack against the side of it. Even if it doesn't work, that usually makes me feel a little better. Sometimes I give it a second whack, just to be sure. If that doesn't work, the final option is to call someone from tech support to take a look at it.