Today I thought I would talk a little bit about the process we go through in getting a server ready for an order. First we select the appropriate server, looking over the chassis to make sure it's undamaged and in good shape. Most of the servers we sell are custom built for the customer, so the next step is to gather the various components for a particular order. After installing RAM, CPUs, and so on, we make sure the machine is up to date with the latest BIOS revisions, BMC and RAID updates, and any other updates we have for a given system. After updates, the next step is to run diagnostic software that we obtain from the original system manufacturer. Depending on the machine and configuration, this is a step that can sometimes last for a couple of days. We're as thorough as possible, and thorough isn't typically the same thing as fast.


Once a machine has passed its cycle of testing, each one is inspected by a senior technician to ensure it matches the customer's order, and then given a final going over for any little details that may have been missed. Finally, it's brought to our shipping department to be sent on its way to its new owner.