It's an interesting challenge trying to make older products work with newer ones, or vice versa. Which really that's kind of the same thing, isn't it? Well, whichever order you're doing it in, it can be illuminating.

In this case, a customer wanted to have an older operating system put on a newer system. Normally that's not a problem. We're not talking about putting Windows 7 on a Tandy. No, there's definite overlap in the time lines here and the server has drivers available from the manufacturer for the particular OS. However, technology has marched on since the OS was developed, and it does not deal well with hard drive space greater than 2 terabytes. The senior tech and I were able to tweak this, tweak that, and get all the space used properly, and I learned some new tricks in the process. Important thing, though, is that the customer will be able to use all their hard drive space.