So I heard a news story on the radio the other day about how tobacco products are now banned from any property owned or leased by the public university system. I have absolutely no patience for anyone my age or younger who doesn't know that smoking is dangerous. Heck, I can remember seeing an episode of the original Battlestar Galactica when I was around five years old, and immediately deciding to dislike Starbuck because he smoked a cigar. (I've mellowed quite a bit since then)


This brings me to why I'm writing. In the news story they interviewed various students to get their opinions of the ban, and one student said, and as Dave Berry says, I am not making this up, the ban will have a “negative impact on my health and well-being.” I about drove off the road when I heard that.


I'll give him the well-being thing, given how hard it is to quit smoking, and having to do that definitely can put someone in a difficult place. But to say having to quit smoking will have a negative impact on his health? And this is a kid who was accepted into college! Sign him up for some remedial health classes, stat!