Well it's that time again. What time? Daylight Saving Time, otherwise known as the weekend where here, in the US, we lose an hour of sleep.


Daylight Saving Time dates back to before World War I, but it was during the War that it was first implemented, first by Germany, and then by other nations. The intent was to save resources needed to produce electricity for light. After the war, it was largely done away with, though some states continued to implement it. It was brought back on nationwide in the 60s, and then the time that we observe DST was expanded in the 70s in response to the energy crisis, and then again in 2007 with the intent of saving oil.


There's a lot of conflicting research on whether or not DST actually saves any energy. Some studies show it saves a little, others show it saves none at all, or increases energy use slightly. Personally I think we just need to do away with it. It's a complication that none of us need in the global economy. Whenever I have to communicate with someone in another country, I have to check a world clock because even if I know how many time zones different from me they are, I don't know if they're observing DST, or if they're observing it differently from us.


And think about all the automation we have in society today, and all of the computers we rely upon to run factories, power stations, hospitals, and more. There's always the chance that one of them is not configured properly to deal with the time change, and so might start or end a process an hour early or late. Why should we have to deal with that? IT's ridiculous. Let's just do away with DST and simplify all our lives!