The stereotype of a lot of “techie” sorts is that they're standoffish and aloof, wanting little, if anything, to do with other people. We're not like that here. In fact, we like communicating with our customers, and learning from them.


To give you an example, while withholding details to protect the guilty, a couple of the techs here were trying to help a customer with a problem he was having. We hadn't made much progress on it when the customer went looking in another direction. He found a solution to his problem, and called us up to let us know the situation. For one thing, it let us know that his problem was solved. For another thing, we learned how to solve that problem in the future, ourselves. We can apply the fix to future orders, both his and other customers'.


Learning never stops, in this business or any other, and it's often a two-way street. Sometimes we learn from the customers, sometimes they learn from us.