For those of you in the US, if you haven't voted yet, please go out and do so. I think we all benefit from increased voter turnout, even if those voters vote for candidates I disagree with. With increased turnout, our elected officials are sent the message that people are more involved and paying attention to what's going on in the halls of power, and I think they will, in turn, be more attentive to we the people.


There was a study I saw a few weeks back that showed elected officials from both sides of the aisle were much more likely to be influenced by lobbyists and special interest groups with lots of money than they were to be influenced by the opinions and desires of their voters. Ultimately, though, it's the voters who have the power, and we need to stay involved in politics, as distasteful and unpleasant as it is, in order to reminded our leaders that they only govern with the consent of the governed.