So a few weeks ago one of our cats was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. The thyroid serves the same purpose in cats as it does in people, which is to be a regulator of the body's metabolism. There's three main treatment options for this condition, one is using anti-thyroid drugs, another is surgery, and the third is administering a radioactive isotope of iodine, iodine-131. We tried the drugs, but she couldn't tolerate them and wouldn't eat, and surgery is risky for a cat her age, which left us with the iodine-131 treatment.

With radioiodine treatment, a measured dose is administered to the cat and it gathers in the thyroid to reduce the function of a thyroid gland that's overclocked. This is a radioactive isotope, though, and so it has to be administered at specially equipped facilities, and the cats are isolated for four days, as the stuff they excrete is radioactive. Even after that time, we had to keep Sophie isolated for two weeks, and use special clumping litter for her litter box to dispose of stuff properly.

This morning, though, it was time to release the kraken and she's been allowed the run of the house again. I didn't have a lot of time with her before it was time to go to work, but she was every bit as affectionate as she always has been. It'll be nice to get home tonight and spend some more time with her.