So the CIA has admitted that it hacked computers that were being used by Senate staffers that were investigating the CIA. I remember that before this first became news, news of the NSA's antics with spying on people had recently broken. Senators on the intelligence committee (make your own joke here) reacted as if it wasn't a big deal. Once they were being spied upon, though, well now they were outraged, outraged that such an a violation would occur.

I think the real story here is not that the CIA was spying on the Senate, but that the Senate didn't seem to care that the government was spying on its citizens, and only got outraged when they were being spied upon. If it's wrong to spy on you, it's wrong to spy on us! The Constitution isn't supposed to only protect the legislative branch from the executive branch, it's also supposed to protect the citizens from the government, and I find it very telling and disappointing that the Senate seems to feel the first part is more important than the second part.