We got in a neat entry level server recently, the Dell PowerEdge T20. It's a good server for what's called the SOHO environment, or Small Office/Home Office. That is to say, a small office or something run out of the house. My first thought after messing around with it was that it might make a good home media server.

The server currently supports two CPUs, the Xeon E3-1225v3 and the Pentium G3220. The E3-1225v3 is a 3.2GHz quad-core CPU with an 8mb cache, and the G3220 is a 3.0GHz dual-core CPU with 3mb cache. With four ram slots, it will accept a minimum of 2GB of RAM and a maximum of 32GB.

The T20 comes with slots and cables to install four 3.5” hard drives, and can take hard drives up to 3TB in size. It has Intel's Rapid Storage Controller 12.0 onboard for software RAID which can use RAID levels 0, 1, 10 and 5.

Physically it's a pretty convenient size. It's a mini-tower that stands 14.25 inches tall, 17.25 inches deep and 7 inches wide, and weighs under 18 pounds. Best of all, for a small office or for a home, it's incredibly quiet. When I turned it on, it was difficult to tell that it was actually running.

If you're looking for a small, quiet system to run a small office off of, or to serve as a file or media server for home or office, you really should check this thing out.