So let's talk about something related to servers and workin---NO! I won't! I'm going to talk about a movie! What movie? The Avengers!


I thought this was a really well done movie. It's a lot of fun, a blast to watch. It's hardly a cinematic masterpiece, I'll grant you. It doesn't explore any truths about the human existence, it doesn't make you think, at least not beyond the level of “How could he be there for that scene when he'd left in this scene?” What it does do is entertain you. It's a great adventure story and it very nicely pays off what all the other Marvel Studios movies have been leading up to.


The casting is pretty much spot on. We'd seen all the actors for the main characters before, aside from Mark Ruffalo as Banner, and I think he pretty much nailed that part. Chris Evans really makes you believe a guy like Captain America could exist, and Robert Downey, Jr. pretty much is Tony Stark. Tom Hiddleston makes a Loki that I really love to hate. Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury? Well, that part pretty much was written for him.


My only regret about the movie is Hawkeye. I wish he had been more like his canon counterpart, a real smartass and wise guy who loves what he does. I think the Hawkeye they went with worked, but it's just not what I would have liked to have seen.

Also, I couldn't tell who was supposed to be John Steed or Mrs. Peel...